Kinnext Approach

What is the Kinnext Approach?

The words kinesiology, kinetics or kinematics share the greek root word kinein, which means “to move”. The ability to move is a fundamental necessity for our day to day function. Being able to move, especially being able to move to the best of our anatomical capacities without any deterrences such as pain or restrictions, improves our overall quality of life. Here at Kinnext, we help you achieve your movement goals by integrating the three pillars of evidence-based medicine into our treatment designs.

Clinical Expertise

Our clinical experts will effectively diagnose and screen for conditions of musculoskeletal, neuromuscular and cardiorespiratory origin. We then implement Goal-Oriented, Outcome-Drvien treatment plans using an assortment of contemporary therapeutic tools.

Empirical Research Evidence

At Kinnext, our healthcare providers are diligently sifting through new empirical findings; critically appraising the applicability of the research data; and grading it into levels of research evidence in order to provide the most state-of-the art care for our patients

Patient Value

We have broken down our patients’ goals into 4 broad categories. These include injury rehabilitation, pain & dysfunction management, wellness and health promotion, and sport performance optimization. Here at Kinnext we value your opinions and goals above all else.

Kinnext Services

What services do we offer?

Myofascial Therapy
medical acupuncture
Contemporary Medical Acupuncture
sports medicine
Sports Medicine
spinal manipulation
Joint Mobilization & Manipulation
Personalized Rehabilitation & Conditioning
Therapeutic Modalities
Orthotic & Custom Brace
Corporate Wellness
Team Support
Biomechanical Analysis
Functional Capacity & Performance Screen

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