steve-sports physiotherapy-profile

Stephen Wu

Registered Physiotherapist

Special Interest: Sports Physiotherapy

Favorite Quote:

“Be joyful in Hope, Patient in afflictions and Faithful in Prayer.” – Romans 12:12

What gets you up in the morning?

My screaming kids

Favourite Movie or TV:

The Office


Coming out of school, I took up a special interest in sports physiotherapy. I have an extensive experience working with athletes of various performance levels.

In the past, some of the ways that others have described me include over the top, laid-back, and obsessive. The over the top part of me is the part that incepted the vision of Kinnext, a vision that will hopefully impact the way we deliver rehabilitation care in a connected, multimodal, patient goal oriented, fiscally responsible and efficient way. You might be confused as to how an individual can be laid-back and obsessive at the same time. My obsessive side is the side that is sitting here right now at 11:37p.m. building this website. It is also the part of me that will go the extra mile for my patients to find the right solution for them, whether if it means to expand my toolbox of treatment techniques or to refer them out to individuals with more experience. But at the end of the day, I am laid-back because no matter what happens at work, I will come home to the most important part of my life, which is my loving wife and my 3 amazing kids.


After graduating from a Bachelor’s of Science program from Queen’s University, I went on to finish a Masters of Medical Science program from University of Toronto and Masters of Physiotherapy from McMaster University. Coming out of school I worked with high-performance athletes from the NHL, MLS, CFL, Olympics, etc. During the same period I went on to complete certification courses such as McMaster’s Contemporary Acupuncture, spinal manipulation, soft tissue release, fascial manipulation, sports taping and concussion management. I also participated in the clinical education program at University of Toronto and Queen’s University. In my spare time, I acted as the team therapist for the Canadian National Women’s Ball Hockey Team and covered competition events such as the OMHA championship and competitive swim meets.